How To Install Node.js On Windows

By bhagwatchouhan
How To Install Node.js On Windows

This post explains all the steps required to install Node.js(nodejs or node js) on Windows. We will install the currently available LTS version i.e. 10.15.3 LTS for demonstration. The steps required to install version 11 should be similar to the steps explained in this post.


Step 1 - Download


Click on this link to open the Node.js site. The home page shows the available download options as shown in Fig 1.


Node.js Site

Fig 1


Click on the left side Button having version marked as LTS. It starts the download file having MSI extension.



Step 2 - Install


Double click on the downloaded MSI installer to start the installation. It shows the welcome screen as shown in Fig 2.


Execute Installer

Fig 2


Click on the Next Button to start the installation. It shows the License Agreement as shown in Fig 3.


Accept License Agreement

Fig 3


Accept the License Agreement and click on the Next Button. The next screen asks the installation location as shown in Fig 4.


Install Location

Fig 4


Choose the appropriate location to install Node.js and click on Next Button. The installer shows the packages to be installed. We will keep the default options as shown in Fig 5.


Node.js Packages

Fig 5


Click on Next Button keeping the default packages including Node.js runtime and the npm package manager.


Confirm Installation

Fig 6


The screen asks to confirm the installation. Click on the Install button to start the actual installation. The installer will ask for system permission. Allow the installer to proceed ahead and it will show installation progress as shown in Fig 7.


Installation Progress

Fig 7


On successful installation, it shows the success message as shown in Fig 8.


Installation Success

Fig 8


Now click on Finish Button to close the installer. Open the Command Line Tool and confirm the Node.js version as shown in Fig 9.


Check Version

Fig 9


This is how we can install Node.js on Windows 10. The steps to install Node.js on other versions of windows should be the same.


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