How To Install Java 10 On Windows

By bhagwatchouhan
How To Install Java 10 On Windows

In this tutorial, we will discuss about how to install Java 10 on Windows 10. The steps should be same for older versions of Windows.


Step 1: Let's check whether Java is already installed or not. To do so, open the command prompt and type java -version as shown in Fig. 1. It shows that Java is not installed.


Check Java Version on Windows

Fig. 1


Step 2: Open the download link to select the available versions as shown in Fig 2. Accept the License Agreement and click on windows executable file to start the download.


Download Java

Fig. 2


Step 3: Double click the downloaded file to start the installation. In windows 10, it asks system permission before starting the installation. Click on Yes to allow the installer to execute. It shows the installer welcome screen as displayed in Fig 3.


Java Installer Welcome

Fig. 3


Step 4: Click on Next to initiate the installation process. The next screen shows options to select optional features to be installed together. Leave the default options without making any change. We can also change the installation location on this screen if required as displayed in Fig 4.


Java Install Location

Fig. 4


Step 5: Now click on Next Button to start installation. It will the progress as displayed in Fig 5.


Java Installation Progress

Fig. 5


Step 6: The installer will also ask to choose the location of JRE as displayed in Fig 6. The JRE path selection screen aslo ask whether we need to enable Java Content in the Browser. We can keep it on in order to run Applets in Browser.


JRE Install Location

Fig. 6


Step 7: Click on Next Button to start JRE installation. It will show the progress as mentioned in Fig 7.


JRE Installation Progress

Fig. 7


Step 8: It shows the success screen after completing the installation as mentioned in Fig 8.


Java Installed

Fig. 8


Step 9: Now open the Command Prompt and type the command java -version to confirm whether it's installed successfully as mentioned in Fig 9.


Java Version

Fig. 9




We have successfully installed Java 10 on Windows 10 by following the above mentioned steps.

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