How To Install Aptana Studio On Windows

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How To Install Aptana Studio On Windows

Open the Aptana Studio website and click on the Download Aptana Studio 3 Button. It will open the Aptana Studio repository on GitHub. It provides the link having the most recent release of Aptana Studio and also lists the previous releases. Aptana Studio is built on top of Eclipse and it was considered as one of the best IDE for PHP development. Though the further development of this IDE is slowed down(almost abandoned), it is still a good option to do PHP development. It can be installed either as a standalone application or as a plugin with Eclipse.


Aptana resources also provide information and download links of Appcelerator Studio(latest mobile development tools for iOS, Android and Windows applications) and the version available on the download page is v5.5.1.GA. The newer or preview releases of Appcelerator Studio are available here.


In this tutorial, we will discuss the steps required to install Aptana Studio 3.7.2 released on 30th July 2018. Aptana Studio 3.7.2 is released for Windows(.exe) - 32 bit, Mac(.dmg) and Linux(.zip). The below-listed steps show how to install it for Windows.


Notes: This tutorial assumes that at least PHP is installed on the system. The tutorials to install the latest version of PHP or WampServer can be followed to do the same. It also needs 32-bit Java 1.8 and the steps to install Java can be followed here using Java 8 download link.


Install on Windows 32-bit


Step 1 - Download Aptana Studio


Click on the Aptana_Studio_3_Setup.exe link to start the download for Windows from the available options as shown in Fig 1.


Download Options

Fig 1


Step 2 - Install Aptana Studio

Double click the downloaded executable file and the installer shows options to choose install location as shown in Fig 2.


Install Location

Fig 2


Fill the install location in case it has to be different than the one shown by default and also accept the License Agreement. After accepting the License Agreement, Install Button gets enabled. Click on the Install Button to start the installation.


Installation Progress

Fig 3


After completing the installation, it shows the success message as shown in Fig 4.


Installation Success

Fig 4


Now click on the Finish Button to close the installer. It also creates a Desktop Shortcut icon.


Install on Windows 64-bit


We need to follow the above-mentioned steps for 32-bit windows before following the below-mentioned steps.


Step 1 - Download Java 8


The Aptana Studio distribution for Windows is 32-bit and it needs 32-bit Java to run the IDE. Download 32-bit Java 8 and install it following the steps mentioned here. Do not update the environment variable since we might need to use already installed 64-bit Java.


Step 2 - Configure


Open the installation path of Aptana Studio and then open the file AptanaStudio3.ini to update the 32-bit Java installation path. Add the line -vm C:\java\32-bit\jdk1.8.0_201\bin\jawaw.exe before -vmargs as shown in Fig 5.


Configure Java

Fig 5


Create Project and write Hello World script


Step 1 - Launch the IDE


Double click on the shortcut icon placed on the desktop to run the IDE. It will ask to choose the workspace as shown in Fig 6. Do not check the checkbox having the label - Use this as the default and do not ask again.


Choose Workspace

Fig 6


It will also show the security warning for the first time and the default layout shows warning messages since the Aptana Server does not run anymore as shown in Fig 7 and Fig 8.


Security Warning

Fig 7


Default Layout

Fig 8


Step 2 - Create Project


Follow the below-mentioned steps to create a new Project as shown in Fig 9:


Click on File -> Hover On New -> Click on PHP Project


Create Project

Fig 9


It will ask to choose Project name and location as shown in Fig 10.


Configure Project

Fig 10


Step 3 - Create PHP Script


Follow the below-mentioned steps to create a new PHP script as shown in Fig 11:


Create PHP File

Fig 11


Right click on Project -> Hover On New -> Click on File


It will ask to choose File name as shown in Fig 12.


Configure File

Fig 12


Now write our hello world message as shown in Fig 13.


Update File

Fig 13


Step 4 - Configure PHP


We also need to configure PHP interpreter for the first time before executing the program.


Click on Project on Top Menu Bar -> Preferences -> Aptana Studio -> Editors -> PHP -> PHP Interpreters


The right side of the pop will show options to add interpreter as shown in Fig 14.


Configure PHP

Fig 14


Click on Add Button and configure the interpreter as shown in Fig 15.


Add Interpreter

Fig 15


Click on Finish Button and then click on Apply and Close Button to close the popup. This is how we can configure PHP interpreter for Aptana Studio.


Step 5 - Execute PHP Script


Follow below-mentioned steps to execute the scripts as shown in Fig 16.


Right click on PHP File -> Hover on Run As -> Click on PHP Script


Execute Program

Fig 16


It will execute the script and show the output on the console as shown in Fig 17.


View Output

Fig 17


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