How To Flip Layer In GIMP

By bhagwatchouhan
How To Flip Layer In GIMP

This tutorial shows the steps required to flip a layer in GIMP both horizontally and vertically.



Open Image


We will be using the Wind Power Royalty Free Stock Photo from Pixabay for demonstration purpose. Open the downloaded image in Photoshop as shown in Fig 1.


Open Image

Fig 1


Flip Horizontally


Click on the Image Button on the Top Menu Bar, hover on Transform and click on Flip Horizontally Option as shown in Fig 2.


Flip Horizontally

Fig 2


The flip horizontally option flips the image horizontally as shown in Fig 3.


Horizontal Flip

Fig 3


Flip Vertically


Similar to horizontal flip, click on the Image Button on the Top Menu Bar, hover on Transform and click on Flip Vertically Option. The vertically flipped image is shown in Fig 4.


Vertical Flip

Fig 4



This is how we can flip an layer both horizontally and vertically using GIMP.

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