How To Add Shortcut In GIMP

By bhagwatchouhan
How To Add Shortcut In GIMP

In this tutorial, we will discuss the steps required to add Shortcut keys in GIMP. We will add a shortcut to resize the image for demonstration purpose.


Step 1 - Open Preferences Dialog


Click on Edit Button on Top Menu Bar and then click on Preferences option as shown in Fig 1.


Open Preferences

Fig 1


It shows the Preferences Dialog as shown in Fig 2. We can directly go to Keyboard Shortcuts by clicking on the Keyboard Shortcuts Option as shown in Fig 1.


Preferences Dialog

Fig 2


Step 2 - Open Keyboard Shortcuts Panel


Now click on the Interface Option on Left Panel. It shows several options including a button to add a shortcut as shown in Fig 3.


Interface Preferences

Fig 3


Click on the Configure Keyboard Shortcuts Button keeping Save keyboard shortcuts on exit checkbox checked as shown in Fig 3.


Step 3 - Configure Keyboard Shortcut


Expand the Image option and keep Scale Image selected as shown in Fig 4.


Scale Image Option

Fig 4


Now press the combination of keys to record the shortcut. I have used Ctrl + Alt + I as shown in Fig 5.


Configure Shortcut

Fig 5


Click on Close Button to save the shortcut and click on Ok Button to close the preferences dialog.


Now open an image and press Ctrl + Alt + I. It will show the options to resize an Image as shown in Fig 6.


Test Shortcut

Fig 6


These are the steps required to add a keyboard shortcut in GIMP.


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