Getting Started with Apache Kakfa

By bhagwatchouhan
Getting Started with Apache Kakfa

In today's world where the applications relying on events and messaging tend to grow large as it becomes popular, the speed and reliability to handle the event and message streams matter a lot for a better user experience.

Also, headless and serverless patterns are becoming more common in usage. We can set up Apache Kafka in a headless environment using Kubernetes where it simply serves as an event or message streaming solution without the need for any interface. The applications can directly integrate and reliably communicate with Apache Kafka for their event or message streams without worrying about the underlying platform. At the same time, we can also set up Apache Kafka in a serverless environment where the applications do not need to worry about the scalability of the underlying event and messaging platform. By using Apache Kafka in a headless and serverless setup, the applications can have access to a secure, reliable, and scalable solution for their event and message streams.

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