How To Change Background In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

By bhagwatchouhan
How To Change Background In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

In this post, we will discuss the steps required to change the background of both desktop screen and lock screen.


Step 1 - Open the applications by clicking the icon of the applications at the bottom left corner as shown in Fig. 1.


Show Applications

Fig. 1


Step 2 - Click on Settings icon to open Settings panel as shown in Fig. 2.


Choose Setting

Fig. 2


Step 3 - Click on Background Settings from various options listed on the left side of the Settings Panel as shown in Fig. 3.


Choose Background

Fig. 3


Step 4 - Choose the background from the default available options. We can also select Picture or set plain background by clicking the options on background chooser as shown in Fig. 4.


Set Background

Fig. 4


Step 5 - Select the background and click on Select Button placed at the top right corner of the background chooser as shown in Fig. 5.


Close Settings Panel

Fig. 5


Step 6 - Exit the Settings Panel by closing it as shown in Fig. 6.


Background Selected

Fig. 6


Step 7 - We can see our beautiful selection as desktop background as shown in Fig. 7.


Background Settings

Fig. 7


Follow the same steps to set the background of Lock Screen.


This is how we can easily switch background of both desktop and lock screens.

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