Learn Basic SQL Queries Using MySQL

By bhagwatchouhan
Learn Basic SQL Queries Using MySQL

MySQL Server is one of the most popular RDMS(Relational Database Management System) server providing various options to manage a relational database using tables having columns and rows. It's widely used due to its speed, ease of use and robustness.

This post is the starting point of the series to learn the basics of SQL using MySQL server and maintains a list of posts available in this series. You can use either MySQL Shell or MySQL Workbench to execute the queries. The other popular option is to install phpMyAdmin.

In case you have not downloaded MySQL and workbench yet, you can also follow below listed tutorials.

Basics of SQL using MySQL

Create Database

Drop Database

Create Table

Insert Query

Select Query

Where Clause (with AND, OR, IN, NOT IN, IS NULL, IS NOT NULL)

Update Query

Delete Query

Searching (LIKE, NOT LIKE)

Sorting (ORDER BY, ASC, and DESC)

Group By Clause

Additional Topics

Aggregate Functions


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