How To Check macOS Version Number On Your Mac

By bhagwatchouhan
How To Check macOS Version Number On Your Mac

In several situations, we might be required to find out the version of the macOS installed on our system. The most common scenario is while upgrading the macOS, we need to find out the currently installed version on the system.


This tutorial provides the steps required to find out the currently installed macOS version on your system. The last three sections of this tutorial provide the complete history of all the Mac operating systems with their most recent version number and release date.


macOS On Your Machine


Click the Apple Icon at the top left corner of the screen and click About This Mac Option as shown in Fig 1.


macOS Version Open

Fig 1


It will show the complete details about the macOS including Version, Build, System Type, Processor, Memory, and Graphics as shown in Fig 2.


macOS Version - Info

Fig 2


macOS Version History


macOSVersionReleased On
Catalina10.15.4March 24, 2020
Mojave10.14.6January 28, 2020
High Sierra10.13.6January 28, 2020
Sierra10.12.6September 26, 2019


OS X Version History


OS XVersionReleased On
El Capitan10.11.6July 9, 2018
Yosemite10.10.5July 19, 2017
Mavericks10.9.5July 18, 2016
Mountain Lion10.8.5August 13, 2015
Lion10.7.5October 4, 2012


Mac OS X Version History


Mac OS XVersionReleased On
Snow Leopard10.6.8July 25, 2011
Leopard10.5.8August 5, 2009
Tiger10.4.11November 14, 2007
Panther10.3.9April 15, 2005
Jaguar10.2.8October 3, 2003
Puma10.1.5June 5, 2002
Cheetah10.0.4June 21, 2001

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