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Explains the steps required to enable Gzip compression of websites or web applications hosted on Apache HTTP Server  ... Read More

Shows the configuration to implement efficient cache policy on Apache HTTP Server. The configuration can be done either by updating the virtual host configuration or .htaccess file placed at the project root directory.  ... Read More

Explains all the steps required to debug PHP program on Windows using Eclipse for PHP.  ... Read More

Explains the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing(CORS) error message to allow cross-origin requests and shows how to resolve it for Apache and Nginx web servers.  ... Read More

Explains the ways to use lazy loading images to speed up the web page by deferring the actual image loading and save bandwidth consumed by offscreen images.  ... Read More

Provides all the steps required to clear composer cache on both Windows and Ubuntu.  ... Read More

Explains the way to store and manipulate element specific custom data using dataset property on HTMLElement interface.  ... Read More

Explains the way to use the anchor tag with download attribute to force a file download.  ... Read More

Explains all the steps required to optimize the CSS and JavaScript files by compressing them using YUI Compressor.  ... Read More

Explains all the steps required to add shortcut in GIMP.  ... Read More

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